1. bandanarama

  2. i fucked up big time


  3. gazzub asked: Heya, love your work and blog. I noticed in some shots with hats, your hair is still showing, are they ingame hats or scanned ones? If so where could I find some? Thanks in advance!

    only certain styles show when you wear hats. if the bangs are long and reach your eyes without a hat, it’ll probably show when you wear a hat

  4. now you too can be a year late with this trend


  5. sonianaka asked: yo im following you because we have the same name and also you seem cool. (btw my AC blog is elmwoodnovosele)



  6. lightningblaz asked: Hi I was wondering what hairstyle you have I cant seem to find it anywhere thanks

    it’s a girl’s hair


  7. danielkingofllamas asked: Heyy I was wondering if you take requests for qr codes thingys, If so i was wondering if you could create this "all saints vallo crew knit" i would link you a picture but tumblr wont allow it thank u

    Here you go

  8. got a request for this jumper

  10. felicity NO